Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fine Line tickets

I am not going to lie guys, I'm a little at loss as to what to write about here. There are not a lot of Fine Line events or shows going on that would allow for anyone to buy Fine Line tickets. It seems that the Cedar, First Ave and The Varsity are getting all the big name acts these days.

It looks like there are couple upcoming cd release shows for local bands that Fine Line tickets are available for, however, only at the door and not in advance:

5/14 - Standard Thompson & Not Like This Dual CD Release w/ Ready Goes/ Canon Chorus

5/15 - Fragile CD Release! w/ Far From Falling, Morning Society & more!

Memorial Day has a commemorative veteran's concert:
2nd Annual Veteran's Aid Concert feat. The Oh Eeks/ Matthew Griswold & more

Other than that it looks like a bleak summer for the Fine Line. How are these guys staying open? After the horrific fire they had a few years ago I don't want to see them close. The Fine Line needs an invigorating concert schedule to reignite itself in the Minneapolis club scene!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fine Line tickets and parking

Have you tried to park around the Fine Line lately? With the new Target Field Twins stadium Fine Line parking is ridiculous! For some reason the city of Minneapolis had to have a bike lane. I know that is the 'green' thing to do and riding a bike is great, but there is no use for a dangerous bike lane on 1st Avenue. There is too much traffic - it is dangerous for bikers and cars. If they would have kept it a one way road then I would be all for the bike lane, but since switching 1st Avenue to a two way street there is just too much activity for cars and bicyclists to share the road.

The most confusing thing is having to park a good 5 feet away from the curb. If you park over the bike lane you will get towed, but here is the thing - when you park that far away from the curb you are parking in a lane of traffic! I don't want my car to be a sitting duck for someone to drive into it! There should be no metered parking out side of the Fine Line or any business on 1st Avenue - it just isn't safe.

If you have any Fine Line tickets to any of their upcoming shows be sure to arrive early for parking. And if there is Twins game plan EXTRA EXTRA time for parking. Traffic sucks! And be sure not to park in a bike lane!