Monday, February 8, 2010

Dan Navarro tickets

Well kids, don't get confused. When I first read that myself I thought it read DAVE Navarro and I got really excited. Even though I am not a fan of Dan's solo stuff, he is still so hot that my high school crush comes rushing back. Dave Navarro = hot.

Anywho, Dave Navarro is quietly living in California and being a free mason. But what is really going on at the Fine Line is DAN Navarro. Seeing as Dan Navarro is a folk singer he is from a completely different walk of life than Dan.

Regardless, Dan Davarro has 30 years of musicianship under his belt. He is one half of the folk duo, Lowen and Navarro, however that is only a small part of what Dan Navarro has accomplished. Dan Navarro has been a session singer (both in English and Spanish) for films like Happy Feet and Ice Age 2. His singing voice has also been in Family Guy, American Dad, Deal or No Deal, Rosewell, and Felicity just to name a few. Dan has also recorded with Susanna Hoffs, Julio Iglesias, members of Yes, and Neil Young. His work has also been featured on national advertising campaigns for Toytota, McDonalds, Folgers, Coors, Dodge and Coca Cola among others.

Fine Line tickets are on sale now to see Dan Navarro, a very diverse and eclectic musician. With all of this work during his carrer Dan Navarro has gained a large live show following. If you want to catch this essential artist be sure to buy your Fine Line tickets as soon as possible.

Lowen and Navarro

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I made the same mistake when I read your blog title :)