Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rogue Wave tickets

The accidental band of sorts from Oakland, California, Rogue Wave, has announced a show on Thursday, April 15th.

Rogue Wave
have an entertaining story of sorts as to how they actually became a band. The founder, Zach Scwartz, lost his job in the dot com downfall in 2002. Schwartz decided to take a break from the sunny California life and take a sabbatical to New York. When he left awhile later, he had recorded several tracks with a friend. Most of those songs made up Rogue Wave's debut, "Out of the Shadow." Formerly on the famed SubPop record label, they are to Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records label. I would say Zach Shwartz is doing ok for himself. Something great has come from his job loss. I bet he looks forward to his job as a frontman of a band a bit more than he did as a dot com-er.

You may recognize Rogue Wave's name not only from the radio (the Current plays them frequently, so does Sirius) but they were also in the movie 'Love Happens' with Jennifer Aniston.

Fine Line tickets
are on sale now for the Rogue Wave show this April. You will need to be 18+ to get into this Fine Line show. No opening act has been announced.

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