Thursday, February 4, 2010

Howie Day tickets

As you many Minneapolis music fans may know, Howie Day was supposed to play at the Fine Line last Friday night, however, Howie called in sick and had to postpone the show. A new date for Howie Day has been announced for Wednesday, March 10th. Original Fine Line tickets will be honored for the new date. There are also Fine Line tickets available now for the new March 10th date.

Opening acts are still listed as Serena Ryder and Matt Lowell. Both opening acts played a free show last Friday. The show must go on in some form I guess! Serena Ryder is a pretty popular singer/songwriter in her homeland Canada. She has won a Juno award, which is the equivalent to a Grammy here in the states. Serena Ryder played at Minneapolis's Basilica Block Party last summer and was praised for her awesome performance.

It looks like Howie Day canceled his shows in Milwaukee, Ames, and Omaha last week as well due to this mysterious 'illness.' But hey, musicians have to have sick days too I guess. It was a bad week for bands showing up at the Fine Line, Everclear had to change their date as well.

Fine Line tickets
for Howie Day on March 10th are still available. Howie Day tickets for the last show did sell out so buy your Fine Line tickets before they sell out (again!)

Howie Day during happier and non-sick times on his tour bus

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