Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Past Shows at the Fine Line

I have seen some of my favorite bands at the Fine Line, I only wish that some of them would come back!
The first time that I went to the Fine Line, there was not a Fine Line ticket to be had. It was the first Kings of Leon tour in support of their 'Youth and Young Manhood' album. The whole place was packed, absolutely packed - you could not move, let alone travel around to go to the bathroom or get a beer.

I also remember when I bought Fine Line tickets to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club years ago and then the show was canceled because the band was dropped from Virgin Records. When they were dropped they lost their tour support and couldn't afford to go on the road. For a super fan like me that was pretty diaspointing.

(Peter Hayes, my love!)

I wish the Fine Line was a little bigger, or at least they sold less tickets to their shows; because when a show is sold out, you can't move inside the building!

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