Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mercury Rev at the Fine Line!

It's not often that band with such a distinct sound like Mercury Rev is from the United States, when you hear their music you would assume that their origin would be from the United Kingdom.
Mercury Rev will be here for a show at the Fine Line Music Cafe on Friday, December 12th.

Fine Line tickets for this show may go very fast due to the fact Mercury Rev have not played in Minneapolis in several years. They were supposed open for the Doves show in the winter of 2006, but the concert was canceled due to illness. That was so long ago it was at the Quest Club! It's been ages since I have thought of that place!

The Duke Spirit opens the show!

Fine Line tickets for this event will be much easier to find than the Gear Daddies show at the end of December so get your tickets soon!


Cortney said...

Wow, sounds like it's been a long time since they've been here! I'll have to download some of their music on iTunes.

Anonymous said...

They'll be great at the Fine Line - as long as it doesn't get too packed. I always feel like a sardine in there when they overfill it!