Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anton and Co. are coming back!

The mad genius himself, Anton Newcombe / Brian Jonestown Massacre, is coming back to the Fine Line on March 26th.
Everyone knows Anton from the movie, DIG!, but those who can look past the movie and see the true talent behind Anton Newcombe are pleasantly bombarded with one of the most extensive and astonishing music catalogs of today. The band that Anton tours with now does not entrance the audience the way it used to, but it's still a privilege to be in the presence of someone so talented.

In case you haven't noticed, I am a HUGE fan.

Fine Line tickets for this show are going to be A LOT easier to get than last time they were in town. Schell's beer sponsored the event so the ONLY way to get tickets was to go to Schell's Beer sponsored events at certain bars and put your name in a drawing and hope that your name gets drawn. I never won a single ticket! And Schell's Beer is gross! But I got to go anyways, my friends won multiple times!

see you at the show!
Tickets are on sale now!


Cortney said...

Haha sounds like SOMEONE is super pumped for this show....

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the Stray Cats show at the Fine Line??

Ticket King St. Paul said...

We have awesome Fine Line tickets at Ticket King St. Paul!

Twin Cities Music Fan said...

The Stray Cats are coming to the Fine Line on April 10th and I can't seem to find a ticket any where - It must be HUGE - If any one else has any insight into this show, let me know - leave a comment!