Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moby has been moved to the Fine Line

In the wake of the Myth's indefinite closing it looks like the Moby concert has been moved to the Fine Line Music Cafe. This is quite a difference in expected attendance, the Myth probably holds around 3000 people whereas the Fine Line holds only about 1000. Somehow though, Fine Line tickets are available for the show which is Thursday, October 1st. Myth Nightclub tickets will be honored for this event.

Moby is on tour in support of his new album, "Wait for Me" which was released last week.

It is too bad that the Myth is closed, it creates so many headaches and confusion for promoters and fans that just want to go to a show. And not to mention that the Fine Line is going to be so packed for this show! The show will be a little too packed for my taste, so if you're going have fun and be sure to buy your Fine Line tickets as soon as possible.


B said...

I din't know that Moby was still on anyone's radar!

KC said...

Yeah, I guess he is back out with new music and an evolved sound. I think this show should be pretty good

Hannah B said...

Haha B, I agree... I thought he had fallen off the face of the planet, who knew?