Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fine Line tickets

Warning! This is going to be a rant/vent blog. A little negativity follows, you have been warned!

With that said, I would like to again vent my frustrations towards the Fine Line. Their drinks are the most expensive in downtown Minneapolis. And why, WHY??? would you put the bar against next to the only "hallway" in your venue AND make your bathrooms at the end of said "hallway." Guess what NO ONE can get anywhere. Why does everyone stand in that hallway by the bar anyways? Oh yeah, because no one can see from anywhere. Here's a thought, maybe you should discontinue putting tables on the main floor. Tables and barstools do not belong on the dance floor in a general admission club. The waitstaff looked horribly stressed out. The venue would work so much better if the bar was on the other side, but then it would be too close to the stage. Long, narrow venues just don't jive. But then again, they can't all be our beloved First Avenue.

I know absolutely nothing about owning a night club, so I'm sure they do what they can with the space they have. But as a very frequent concert goer I can say that the Fine Line is very un-user friendly. I love the way the Fine Line presents itself and the staff are very nice. I just don't like the club. I try not to go there, but Thursday the Dandy Warhols played (one of my all time favorite bands)and I just had to go! Fine Line tickets were almost sold out for this show so I knew it would be packed. But Motion City Soundtrack booked First Ave Thursday night and the horrid Mumford and Sons (they are a whole other blog) booked First Ave on Friday night. The Dandys had no choice but to book the Fine Line. It just took a lot of fun out of seeing one of my favorite bands, I didn't even stay for the encore.

So much negativity. So let me say some positive things about the show. 1) The Dandy Warhols played a dream setlist for any fan, 2) The drummer, Brent, had a fantastic vest on, 3) the sound was great, go sound guy! and 4) the coat check is convenient.

Check out the Dandy Warhols' video for 'Good Morning'

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