Tuesday, May 19, 2009

See 'Rapper's Delight' Live! One night only!!

There hasn't been a lot of fun shows at the Fine Line lady, sorry blog, I do what I can! I did see a show coming that did catch my eye for pure nostalgia reasons, which is the Sugar Hill Gang. I had no idea that they were even still a band, let alone touring! But regardless I am sure it would be fun to see such a staple in the world of rap music.
Everyone knows the Sugar Hill Gang - if you don't remember "Rapper's Delight" from them you for sure remember the part in the Wedding Singer where Ellen Albertine Dow gets on stage in sings "A hip hop a hibby to the hibby, etc." You cannot forget that memorable movie moment of an elderly lady rapping.

Anyways, if you would like to buy Fine Line tickets for this show they are on sale now!

Wednesday, June 24th 2009 at the Fine Line Music Cafe

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Cortney said...

FUN! Who's opening for them?