Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Fine Line and I are taking a break. End of story.

It has finally happened. I was on a roll there for awhile, having a good relationship with the Fine Line, but it happened. I am now officially on a break with the Fine Line. Our relationship hit a rock last night and unless I really really really love the band I am going to keep my distance. It is really for the best, it saves a world of frustration.
So last night I went to see Peter Bjorn and John at the Fine Line (life was too busy for me to make it there in time for Chairlift - which was too bad because I love the song from the iPod commercial). Fine Line tickets for this show must have sold out because once again you could not move in the Fine Line. I think that the reason the Fine Line differs from First Ave so much is simply the way it is layed out. The Fine Line is a much narrower space making it impossible to see if you're stuck way in the back like Sara and I were last night. Ugh! It just wasn't any fun! Who enjoys standing in the back behind a pole that is blocking your way all the while people are shoving their way past you and hitting your arm every 5 seconds and spilling your beer! Not me. I left before the encore and I didn't even get to hear "young folks."

Don't get me wrong, I love supporting the Fine Line and the acts that play there by going there as much as I can. But I go to soo many concerts that I have to have some standards!

Next Up: The Sounds at the Varsity!

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Cortney said...

Ugh I hate how cramped it gets in there. But sometimes you have to go, because they do get really good acts!