Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Your Two Way Monologues Ready!!

Norway's one, the only, Sondre Lerche just announced a show at the Fine Line for a show on September 20th - which is only one week before the VIKINGS HOME OPENER!!! That of course will be a big deal because Brett Favre will a Viking. Ok, I know nothing has been announced yet, but come on, they bought a condo in Edina! What more proof do you need!?

Anyways, back to Sondre Lerche. He will be touring in support of his new album 'Hearbeat Radio' on September 8th. Fine Line tickets for Sondre Lerche's show go on sale tomorrow.

If you think his name sounds familiar you may recognize his name and face from the movie 'Dan in Real Life' where he not only did the entire soundtrack, but also is in the movie with has band during the wedding scene at the end of the movie. I was pleastanly suprised not only how good the movie was, but it was nice seeing one of my favorite musicians in a movie. The year that I lived in Milwaukee and kept to myself I listened to a lot of Sondre Lerche!

See you at the show!


Anonymous said...

Seriously this is that guy, I loved the music from Dan in Real Life!! Any idea of what Tickets are going to cost?

Cortney said...

Lol he looks like he has a gummy worm in his mouth.

But the Favre thing...hope it happens!!