Monday, June 29, 2009

Crash, I'm the Last Splash

Hold your hats! Twin sisters Kim and Kelly Deal are bringing their Breeders act to Minneapolis. Even if you're not quite sure who the Breeders are, you for sure know the name Kim Deal. She was in that little band you might have heard of called the Pixies.

The Breeders released Fate Fatal in April of this year and are touring in support of it. Fine Line tickets are on sale now for this show.

Fun trivia fact: Kelly Deal used to live in St. Paul for a brief period of time in late 1990's. AND she was in a band called 'Last Hard Men' with none other than Sebastian Bach and Jimmy Chamberlin. They recorded an album in 1997, however, it was not released until 2001 because they could not find a label to release it.
I wonder if Kelly Deal still lives here? Regardless, I'm sure she will have a lot of local friends on the Fine Line guest list.


Former Pixies Fan said...

Any chance they will do some Pixies covers?

Cortney said...

There was an article about her in New York Fashion today...interesting :)

Twin Cities Music Fan said...

I don't think they will do any Pixies covers, sadly :(