Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cheap Cover for a Saturday Night

There are not a lot of great concerts coming to the Fine Line on their upcoming events calendar, but the Fine Line concert calendar is packed with a lot of local shows. If you're looking for something fun to do this coming Saturday that does not involve Grand Ole Days in St. Paul, you can check out the tribute show at the Fine Line. No Fine Line tickets are needed for this show, there is only a $6 cover. For a cover downtown on a Saturday night that is really not that bad!

The cover show on Saturday showcases music from Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Rush. An interesting line up, I know.
The line ups are as follows:

What's That? A Radiohead Project (check them out here!)

Exit Stage Right (Rush)

The Mad Buggers (Pink Floyd)

The Fine Line calendar is packed with local bands and events so if you are looking to see local talent or looking to find a cheap cover at a bar.

I will be at Treasure Island all weekend, so if you go to the show let me know how it was!


Ingrid from Minneapolis said...

I think the local bands are the best! I love seeing what people from the same city have to offer!

Hannah from St. Paul said...

The Shows were all great... I loved the Pink Floyd cover band!

Cortney said...

Grand Ole Days was a lot of fun, but kind of dead, this sounds like it was better :)