Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everclear Tickets

EVERCLEAR CONCERT GOERS LISTEN UP!!! Very important news to you if you purchased Fine Line tickets to see Everclear on January 28th - the show HAS BEEN MOVED TO Monday, January 25th - which is TOMORROW!!

Once again, Fine Line tickets are available for the Everclear and Clayton Senne show on MONDAY, JANUARY 25th - not the 28th as previously booked.

The date was changed due to a 'scheduling conflict' - this same 'conflict' also led to Everclear's Oklahoma City show being canceled. Sounds a little fishy, but other than that nothing else about the show has changed. Everclear is touring in support of their new album, "In a Different Light" which is a fitting title considering all of the hardships and line up changes that frontman Art Alexakis has endured over the years.

Everclear's live shows have been getting good reviews. It is sad, they were once my favorite band, and you can tell that a lot of people view them as a washed up joke, but I still think Art has the spark that Everclear needs. Art Alexakis knows that he cannot demand the success he once had and has to kind of work with the sad state of the music industry. The man has not been dealt an easy hand in life and I have always had a lot of respect for him. Art Alexakis good luck to you! And for being 47 (yeah for being a fellow Aries!) you look damn good!

The new face of Everclear

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