Monday, November 30, 2009

Brian Culbertson tickets

So if you have looked at the Fine Line Music Calendar recently, you will see that there is not much going on national concert wise. The only upcoming event that caught my eye, Brian Culbertson. Brian Culbertson is a jazz musician from Decatur, Illinois. This particular show is entitled "A Soulful Christmas" so concertgoers can expect a holiday themed set list.

Fine Line tickets are on sale now for the Brian Culbertson show on Wednesday, November 9th. I am not sure of the live show following that Brian Culbertson has, however, holiday themed shows are always great sellers and as the date approaches availability becomes scarce. During the holiday season people are looking for things to do, something to add to a special occasion, etc.

In the mean time, where on earth are all of the good shows at the Fine Line? I know its not my favorite place to see a show at, but there has not been a show I've wanted to see there in ages! What is going on?

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Laura said...

Did you mean December 9th? Since your post is November 30th?