Monday, November 2, 2009

The Script with Romantica

Thursday, November 12th local band Romantica is opening for the Ireland duo, The Script. It is fitting that they are on tour together and certainly no mistake, Romantica has a deep Irish heritage which influences the majority of their songs.

I have actually seen Romantica. 2 times ago when Ryan Adams was in town they opened for him. Although I am a little confused, all of the information I have read about Romantica lists them as a band, however, when I saw them it was just one guy and one guitar. I figured something must have been special about him seeing as Ryan had no supporting act announced for his tour and Romantica was a last minute addition.

Fine Line tickets for this show are on sale now. I would expect a big turnout for this show. Romantica is local and The Script had a bigger single a while back. Both acts not my taste, but I am sure tickets will sell fast!

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B said...

What is the really popular song from the script that was played all summer? I was in LOVE with that song!