Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fine Line Tickets Available Now!

I was trolling through the upcoming events at the Fine Line and I noticed that there are not too many. Fine Line tickets are on sale now for the following shows:

Vertical Horizon - Monday, November 9th

The Script - Thursday, November 12th

Spencer Day - Tuesday, November 17th

Brian Culbertson - Wednesday, December 9th

The Fine Line's Concert Calendar looks a little lacking during the month of December, too. I wonder what is going on? I know that the Fine Line rents out their space to people who want to have corporate parties or maybe their wedding reception. Maybe with the (omg, sorry, but I am going to say it!) HOLIDAYS the month of December is already spoken for. Usually December is a pretty busy concert month, everyone wants to get their tour finished so they can go home and rest over the first of the year.


ZikPot said...

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B said...

Hmm, Maybe this year there will be lots of early in the year concerts, Tickets as Holiday Presents

Katy said...

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